Strippers and church members clash on camera after nine-year feud

Ohio church has been trying to shut down the Foxhole North for nearly a decade.

Foxhole North protest outside of New Beginnings Ministries on August 10, 2014.Foxhole North Facebook

A group of strippers and supporters of the Foxhole North in New Castle, Ohio protested outside of a Warsaw church this week in response to nearly a decade of protests by the church's members.

About 30 people – some topless – congregated outside of New Beginnings Ministries on Sunday. Some held signs promoting tolerance and freedom of expression, while others marched or sat across from the church in lawn chairs, The Blaze reports.

Foxhole North owner Thomas George said that New Beginnings members have harassed his employees and patrons for nine years.

"I have to point out the hypocrisy that I see," he told WBNS-10TV. "They come up every weekend, and they're very abusive and certainly unchristian-like... Calling the girls [expletives]... They're abusive to the customers.

"They sit out with video cameras, they take pictures of license plates, tell them they're posting them to the web."

New Beginnings pastor Bill Dunfee admitted that his church has been trying to shut down the strip club, and said that they will continue to do so.

"I hope he will realise that the Foxhole has no business in this community," he said. "I take very seriously the responsibility as a pastor to see to it that the gospel of Christ is lifted up, that Christ himself is lifted up, and that evil is confronted."

Video cameras rolled as one Foxhole North clashed with a New Beginnings Ministries parishioner.

"Love is the answer, and you don't have it, baby," the Foxhole North protestor exclaimed. "God is love!"

"Ma'am, you know nothing about love," the church member. "You know plenty about lust. You know plenty about sex, but you know nothing about love."

Church members hung up several tarps to shield congregants from the wanton nudity.

George said that the strippers and their supporters will be back next Sunday, and every following Sunday, until the church stops protesting at their place of business.

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