'Street Fighter 5' news: Akuma named as new DLC character

Screenshot from the "Street Fighter 5" Akuma reveal trailerYouTube / Capcom

The powerful warrior Akuma is now a part of the "Street Fighter 5" roster as a DLC character.

Capcom teased the entry of Akuma in the latest installment of the popular fighting video game through a trailer that was presented during the Capcom Pro Tour North American finals held over the weekend at Red Bull Battle Grounds in Seattle, Washington.

Akuma, also known as Gouki in Japan, was first introduced in 1994's "Super Street Fighter II Turbo." He is known as the younger brother of Gouken, the martial arts master of Ken and Ryu.

Players of the game could recognize Akuma as the dark-haired man with glowing red eyes. He normally wears prayer beads around his neck with his dark gray karate gi and twine around his waist instead of wearing an obi. He was also seen in "Tekken 7."

He is also known for having a kanji character that symbolizes the word "Heaven" emblazoned on his back. But on the trailer, the kanji on Akuma's back appears to be different. The game studio has yet to reveal the new meaning of Akuma's kanji in "Street Fighter 5," but players reportedly speculate that the character's V-Trigger will function just like the move used by Necalli. It may also transform the regular Akuma character to a more powerful version called Shin Akuma that was introduced in the "Street Fighter Alpha" series.

Akuma is the seventh character that will be included in the game after the entry of Guile, Balrog, Alex, Juri, Ibuki, and Urien. The first six characters were part of the game's post-launch content that can be purchased using the in-game currency systems.

On the other hand, Capcom will debut Akuma as the next playable character of "Street Fighter 5" during the upcoming PlayStation Experience event that will be conducted at the Anaheim Convention Center on Dec. 3 up to Dec. 4.