'Stranger Things' season 2 plot news: Darker tone digs into Chief Hopper's struggles, says David Harbour

Instagram/strangerthingstvThe boys of "Stranger Things" return in October

After being named as the local town hero for rescuing Will Byers( (Noah Schnapp), Hawkins police chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) returns for the second season of "Stranger Things" with a heavier struggle as the pressure of his new title weighs on him.

Talking with Deadline about the fate of his character, Harbour shared that viewers of the show will be introduced to a darker version of Hopper.

He added, "Even though in season 1 he certainly had his darkness, it play to a lot of his struggles, and it sort of peels the onion back of how he struggles to deal with the pressures of feeling like you have saved a kid, and now who does that make you?"

To recall, Hopper was depicted as an emotionally troubled womanizer. To cope with the pain of his daughter's death and a broken home, he became an alcoholic, chainsmoker, and an addict to anti-anxiety medication. Additionally, he slept around, jumping from one woman to another because he refused to form real connections.

However, when the son of his old friend goes missing into thin air, Hopper's complicated life became even more complex as he uncovers a slew of evil experiments and a whole new dimension called the Upside Down.

Toward the end of "Stranger Things" season 1, Hopper and Will's mother Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) found Will in the town library, stuck in webs of unknown biological matter. The boy also had a tendril, a leech-looking monster, extending through his esophagus and down his stomach.

The police chief quickly pulled the strange creature out of Will before he killed it by shooting it with his gun. Fortunately, Hopper and Joyce were able to resuscitate Will, and as soon as they returned to the real world, the boy was taken to the hospital immediately.

Aside from Hopper's change, executive producer Matt Duffer spilled to Entertainment Weekly that "Stranger Things" season 2, which premieres Oct. 27 on Netflix, will finally see justice for Barbara Holland (Shannon Purser).