Stop moaning, start doing, says Archbishop

Instead of complaining about the ills of society, people can take action to bring about change, the Archbishop of York has said.

Dr John Sentamu was speaking at the launch of his new book at Bishopthorpe Palace on Friday.

"John Sentamu's Faith Stories" reveals the positive difference 20 ordinary people are making to their communities.

"There is such a thing as society, and we all have our small part to play in making things better," he said.

"We are interdependent beings living in community. If we do not dare to contribute our talents to help the flourishing of the common good, who will? Stop moaning and start doing something positive."

He criticised the 'me,me,me' culture threatening to "poison" relationships and the nation's sense of community, saying that the only way to build a wholesome community was for people to live "differently, unselfishly and with hope in their hearts".

The Archbishop encouraged people to use their skills and passions to serve others, and Christians especially to live out their faith through practical expressions of love.

"Dare to be different. Dare to care. Dare to try. And dare to fail," he said.

"We need to seek out justice, hope for better and aspire for more - not because we are superhuman, but because we are simply 'human'."