Still looking for Jesus

Jake Warren

The final part of a film which charts 23-year-old Jake Warren's personal search for Jesus has been released to YouTube.

The three-part series released by Filterview seeks to find out if Jake could become an evangelical Christian.

Hey Jesus I'm Looking For You Pt2 follows the skeptic as he attends The June Project – a week of Christian mission activity in the centre of Leeds – with some newly found friends.

The June Project's stated vision was to "rally volunteers from all church backgrounds to share the love of Christ in word and action to the Hyde Park area" this summer. The project brought together teams to help students pack, bake cakes and bread for the homeless, and pray and worship God.

The motivation for the week, which also involved running a Kidz Klub, was Galatians 6:9: "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

One delegate who had signed up to help at the project was asked by Jake what skills she brought to the event.

"I bring a passion for worship," she replied. "You know how in football teams people go crazy over their teams? They sing charts and go crazy. I go crazy over God so I sing for God and dance for him because I've seen God and met with him and love him."

"Physically seen…?" Jake enquires.

"Not physically seen but I've seen what God has done and how he's worked in my life."

Jake then witnesses a group of Christians helping the homeless. One of the men sleeping rough tells the camera "when someone talks to you, it lifts your spirits".

Part two of the film also sees Rory, a volunteer at the June Project, tell Jake how experiencing God for himself would be important.

"People believe and have blind faith but for me I think you've got to have experience. A lot of religious people get involved in arguments with atheists and I think that's ridiculous…For me you have to have the experience then once you've had the experience you won't need any proof."

Part two of the film also deals with questions surrounding prayer and coincidence before Jake attends an evening worship service.

The final few minutes of the 10 minute clip reveal a slightly unsettled Jake who describes feeling a mixture of emotions about his experiences.

The documentary concluded this week with Jake summing up his experiences. Will he make the leap of faith and become a Christian? Find out below.