'Steven Universe' RPG news: Game adaptation of hit cartoon to be released soon

YouTube/Cartoon NetworkScreengrab from Cartoon Network's promotion of "Steven Universe: Save the Light."

Fans of "Steven Universe" from Cartoon Network will have another game to anticipate, as "Steven Universe: Save the Light" has its release date announced.

Developer Grumpyface Studios just announced that "Steven Universe: Save the Light," the sequel to the mobile game "Attack the Light," will be arriving on Oct. 31 for PlayStation 4, and Nov. 3 for Xbox One. "Save the Light" will also be the first game adaptation of "Steven Universe" to have a home console version.

"Steven Universe: Save the Light" is a 2D roleplaying game that follows the notable characters of the cartoon series such as Steven, his dad Greg, his best friend Connie, and the Crystal Gems. It will also be featuring Squaridot, a Crystal Gem which can appear only in-game and is reportedly an ally of a yet unknown antagonist.

Fusions between two main characters in the game will also be included in the gameplay mechanics. Steveonnie and Opal-Sardonyx were even teased at the San Diego Comic-Con.

"This is our first console game, so right away, we knew this was gonna be a big undertaking for us. This time, we wanted to go deeper. You've got the 3D world with all sorts of realms to explore. You've got side quests, a crafting system, character perks, upgrades, customizable teams. Really, from [the] top down, we said to ourselves, 'This needs to be suitable for consoles, and be the biggest possible Steven Universe adventure we can imagine,'" said Grumpyface director and owner Chris Graham back in May.

Similar to cartoon game adaptations such as "South Park," "Save the Light" will be utilizing a turn-based gameplay mechanic, meaning the combat does not happen in real-time and player characters and their enemies will have to wait out each other's turns before they can attack. This slow pace of combat may not be for everybody and may put off players who prefer real-time and fast gameplay.

"Steven Universe: Save the Light" will be released on Oct. 31 for PlayStation 4 and Nov. 3 for Xbox One. No other platform versions have been announced by the developers.