Steve Chalke breaks fundraising world record

At the time of finishing the race, donations had hit £2.3 million, beating the previous record by nearly half a million.

He said: "After 20 miles I could have collapsed with exhaustion - the heat was punishing. But I couldn't let down the supporters and staff who'd helped me achieve this staggering sum. I'd rather have crawled over the line than let them down on this amazing day."

Every penny of the money raised will go towards community projects run by Oasis, the charity founded by Chalke in 1985.

Chalke holds the record for the third time, having raised over £5m in total for the three London marathons he’s run.

In 2007 he won back the title from Sir Steve Redgrave.

Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: "Running a marathon is one thing, but to raise over two million pounds is a phenomenal achievement and one we are proud to award a Guinness World Record to. We congratulate Steve and Oasis."

Richard Branson, of marathon sponsor, Virgin, personally congratulated Steve after the race.

Despite the challenge of last Sunday's run, Chalke hasn't ruled out the possibility of making another attempt.

"Never say never," he said.

Chalke returned to work as usual on Monday and immediately began work planning Oasis' new campaign, ‘13’, which will support homeless and vulnerable teenagers, including those caught up in gang culture or at risk of being trafficked.

The giving page for Steve Chalke’s Guinness World Record attempt remains open at: