'Star Wars: Battlefront 3' updates: New trailer to release in GDC 2015?

The newest Star Wars video game is not too far away.Wikipedia

One game everyone is dying to see is the one they call "Star Wars: Battlefront 3." However, EA DICE has kept details at a minimum, making its fans clamor for more. 

But it seems that the game studio is planning to spill details during the Game Developers Conference, where a trailer will reportedly be shown. This report comes from Star Wars HQ, an ardent insider about all things "Star Wars." The site mentioned that the said trailer will be 15 minutes long, so this should reveal hefty details about the upcoming action video game. 

According to Master Herald, "Star Wars: Battlefront" will also come as a holiday gift to gamers as it will be part of the EA Access program. This will allow Xbox players with an EA Access subscription to play the game before PlayStation and PC players can even get their hands on the title. Also, Gameranx broached, although the site is skeptic about the news, that a limited time demo will be put forward to Xbox gamers. 

"Star Wars: Battlefront" was also slated for a summer release. However, it seems that it will be a potentially lucrative move to have it released alongside the much-awaited film long-time fanatics of the franchise are crazy about, "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens." That takes the upcoming game to a December release, with the movie premiering on Dec. 18. 

Jobs N Hire revealed that "Star Wars: Battlefront" will be set in a first-person mode. This sets it apart from its predecessors, which are played both on first-person and third-person. This, however, has dismayed fans as they are expecting the game to be set in a third-person mode, too. Moreso, the previous games owe their success partly for being offered in both modes. The move to boot out the much-preferred mode has gamers lost in EA's logic. However, the game's lack of the other mode will reportedly be compensated with new elements unique to the title.

In an interview with EuroGamer, EA Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund also underlined the fact that "Star Wars: Battlefront" will not be a third installment but a brand new game, thus lacking the "3" in its name as fans have come to call it "Star Wars: Battlefront 3."