'Star Trek 3' movie release date set for 2016; Filming starts 2015

To all "Star Trek" fans, the third installment of the movie is now confirmed to be released on 2016. And it will be directed by Roberto Orci for the first time.

Orci has made the announcement about the release date as well as other great details about the development of "Star Trek 3." Orci talked to TrekMovie and shared that the screenplay draft is already finished and it was written by Patrick McKay, JD Payne and himself.

The early completion of the screenplay shows that "Star Trek 3" is indeed on its way to make it on its scheduled release date, where they will go head on with "Transformers 5." Orci also shared that they will start shooting in spring of next year.

While the new "Star Trek" movies are quite different from the original series, this movie is one to give all Trek fans hope. Orci shared that "Star Trek 3" will be "closer to the original series than you have ever seen." This should silence naysayers saying that the movie franchise isn't being cared for. With a new team behind the movie, an improved storyline is in the works.

While Orci didn't reveal much about the story's plot, Payne gave some hints at the LDS Film Festival.

According to Blastr, Payne stated: "We're trying to set up a kind of situation where you really could - and not in just an 'everything's relative' sort of moral relativism - you could be a good person of any creed or philosophical background and come down on both sides of how you should respond to this opportunity that the crew has.... that also has some pitfalls to it. Where you could argue very, very, very compellingly that 'this' is what you should do, and if you're advocating 'this' then it's actually evil. It's sort of the Adam and Eve thing, where should we eat the fruit or not eat the fruit? Well, there are some very compelling reasons why they should and why they shouldn't. So, similar kinds of things here that really give the whole movie and opportunity to sort of play with that, and have people come down on different sides and wrestle with it; then come to an ending where you can walk out and say, 'You know, I don't know what I would do."

It sounds like "Star Trek 3" is headed to a new direction. We can all just wait for the vast improvement in 2016.