'Star Wars Battlefront' Death Star DLC release date news 2016: New Jabba the Hutt contract added prior to imminent DLC release

"Star Wars Battlefront" gets a new Jabba the Hutt contract prior to the release of the highly-anticipated Death Star downloadable content (DLC) next month.

Dubbed "Escape," the all-new Hutt contract will have players unlock the Escape Artist card, which "enhances the soldier's ability to sprint when active, giving them the ability to get to or from an objective significantly faster than before."

A screenshot of the "Star Wars Battlefront" Death Star DLCElectronic Arts

It is priced at 8500 credits and asks players to kill five enemies through melee and get 10 Uplink defended events. Electronic Arts provided some advice on how to be successful in this new "Star Wars Battlefront" Hutt contract.

On the blog post, the company suggested that players "utilize the higher movement speed to free up your card slot from the Jump Pack."

After that, they can proceed to pair it with either the Stim for increased survivability. They can also have it work with the new Sabotage card to be able to "get in quick and disrupting enemy soldiers."

While the Hutt contract will certainly make fans busy for a short while, the focus is still on the "Star Wars Battlefront" Death Star DLC, which is expected to come out this month.

There's no specific release date announced by EA yet, but lighting artist Oscar Carlen said that work on the expansion pack is making headway.

He tweeted that he has to "double my effort" and work even on Sundays so as to finish the DLC. "Trying to make the Emperor happy," the artist even quipped.

As previously stated by "Star Wars Battlefront" lead designer Dennis Brannvall, the lighting work is usually added last in such projects like the Death Star DLC.

That being said, the production for the new content should be in its final stages, which means that its official release is just around the corner.

The "Star Wars Battlefront" Death Star DLC comes with Chewbacca and R2 D2 as playable characters and adds an action-packed new mode called Battle Station.