'Splatoon 2' news, update: Nintendo to offer free weapons, other features

Facebook/Splatoon"Splatoon 2" is said to have upgraded weapons and newer ones.

The release of Nintendo's "Splatoon 2" is getting near and the game's features were already revealed in the game's Nintendo Direct. To add to the hype, there are more new revelations announced.

For one, Nintendo has posted on their website some tidbits about "Splatoon 2" that was revealed during the game's launch. The gaming company announced that they are planning to support "Splatoon 2" with free content for the players.

These free "Splatoon 2" features include new stages, weapons, and other gears, which will be available for free for a year after the game's release.

Included in the free weapon feature is an umbrella-shaped gun called Brella. Players of "Splatoon 2" could use Brella to fire ink and acts as a shield when players press and hold the button.

Weapons in "Splatoon 2" will be divided into three categories, namely Main, Sub, and Special. The Main and Sub weapons will have the old weapons from the first Splatoon back, but all weapons in the Special category will be entirely new.

Participants of "Splatoon 2" Testfire demo already tried the Tenta Missiles and Inkjet last March. Nintendo announced that a new Special weapon called Baller will also be added to the game. The weapon Baller is described as an explosive hammer ball that could roll up walls.

Nintendo will bring the game to a higher-level experience by hosting competitions. In addition to the free features, the company is also set to hold regular Splatfest events for "Splatoon 2" for two years after its release.

It was also confirmed by Nintendo that "Splatoon 2" will reprise some of the stages from the first Splatoon. They have announced that the updated version of Moray Towers will appear in the game.

During the broadcast, it was revealed that the Port Mackerel stage in the first Splatoon will have its appearance in "Splatoon 2." They also gave a glimpse of the new art studio map called Inkblot Art Academy and one of its stages will be added to the title as a free update.