'Spelunky 2' release date news: Sequel coming to PlayStation 4, PC

The hit indie platform video game "Spelunky" is coming back with a sequel, aptly titled "Spelunky 2." The announcement was accompanied by a trailer. While the promotional video did not reveal any gameplay details, it features an assortment of pictures that possibly hint at the second game's story.

Based on the trailer released on Oct. 30, it seems as if the protagonist from the first game has formed a family of his own, watched his child grow, and introduced him to the joys of spelunking and cave diving. One of the photos shows the first game's protagonist in a miner hat as he hands his child his own hat. The caption below the photo reads, "Following in fading footsteps."

What comes next is an ominous snippet that reads, "the walls are shifting once again," and this is followed by the game's title announcement. 

"Spelunky 2" will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam sometime in the near future. A specific release date has not been revealed. It also has yet to be announced whether or not the game will be ported to other consoles such as the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

"Spelunky," developed by Mossmouth, first came out in 2008. A platform adventure set in caves filled with deadly animals and traps, the game was partially known for how difficult it was.

The original version of "Spelunky" was released for PC and is currently free to play. A remake for the Xbox 360 in 2012. Around that time, ports were also made for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The console versions featured enhanced graphics, controls that were more suited for gamepad controllers, and an assortment of brand-new traps and enemies to discover. "Spelunky" also featured a co-op mode that allowed players to aid each other on their quests to clear caves and gather items.