Sowing seeds in Pembroke

Local churches in Pembroke came together to share the meaning of Easter with the town in a mini Passion Play last Friday.

The sun shone as walkers made their way down the main street singing songs and following behind a large wooden cross.

The play remembered several key incidents in the life and death of Christ, and followed a joint service at Tabernacle Church.

The walk of witness had the green light from the local authorities, with a spokesperson from the Chamber of Trade saying: "We aim to promote Pembroke and the surrounding area by liaising with other groups and organisations and in so doing encourage locals, businesses and visitors to the area and we were delighted by all that happened on the day."

A little over a hundred Christians from the area participated in the Passion Play and walk, which were put on after the churches were approached by the Chamber of Trade to organise something from Good Friday.

"We are always keen to get out onto the streets," said Pastor Rob James, of Westgate Chapel Pembroke, one of the churches involved.

"We live at a time when there is a growing disinterest in religion and an increasing lack of knowledge of the Christian story."

During the day, over 250 accounts of the Easter story were handed out and prayers were said for the wellbeing of the area.

The churches decided to start simple this year with the intention of hosting something on a bigger scale in coming years.

"The sky is the limit," Mr James continued.

"In many ways we saw this first attempt as an acorn and look forward to it growing and eventually becoming a regular feature of town life.

"I do want to thank everyone who got involved and to offer my special thanks to the assistance and encouragement we received from the Chamber of Trade, the Town Clerk's office and the police who were so helpful on the day."