Soul Survivor's Momentum Conference Closes with 4,000

|TOP|Youth ministry Soul Survivor’s Momentum conference recently concluded with over 4,000 people - an increase of more than 60 percent from last year.

The five-day event included over 80 seminars to help delegates, mostly in their twenties, to ‘go deeper in their faith and equipping them to live their lives for Jesus in their place of work or study'.

Speakers included Brother Andrew, J John, Frog & Amy Orr-Ewing and Jo Saxton with worship led by Lex Buckley, Ben Cantelon and Martyn Layzell.

Mike Pilavachi, founder and Director of Soul Survivor and Momentum said: “Once Christians leave their teens they face a whole new set of issues and we wanted Momentum to reflect that. Our aim is to provide a place where they can come and get deeper Biblical teaching and deal with some of the painful things that life has thrown their way.

"It gives them an opportunity to ask the tough questions regarding their faith, as well as to hang out with friends and have a good time. Over the five days we’ve loved seeing people meet with God, have their hope and hearts restored and then return home passionate to live out their life for Jesus.”

|AD|The main Soul Survivor event concluded with over 21,000 young people in the Royal Bath and West Showground in Somerset.

Over 1,000 young people had committed their lives to God for the first time.

Pilavachi commented, "It has been an amazing few weeks. We’ve had the privilege of seeing so many commit their lives to Jesus for the first time, receive the Holy Spirit, be challenged, equipped and encouraged in their faith.

"God has healed many of physical ailments and emotionally healed people from grief, self-hatred, depression, anorexia and suicidal thoughts. But it’s not about a one-off experience; with everything that’s happened at Soul Survivor our aim has been to equip young people to live out their every day lives for Jesus wherever they return home to.”