Solar Eclipse 2013 Live Stream; Watch Online Annular Eclipse 'Ring of Fire' May 9-10 at 5p.m. EDT

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The moon is set to eclipse the sun today, creating what looks like a cosmic 'ring of fire.'

The solar eclipse, also known as the annular eclipse, will take place May 9 and May 10 but will only be visible to those living in Australia and the Southern Pacific Ocean, according to

"Solar eclipses can be inspirational to students and others, so it is interesting to have everyone view the eclipse, but only safe methods of viewing should be used," astronomer Jay Pasachoff told Pasachoff is an astronomer at Williams College and chair of the International Astronomical Union's working group on eclipses.

Despite the moon eclipsing over 95 percent of the sun, the sky will not appear to be darker than usual.

Observers are advised to use protective camera lenses and filters when viewing the eclipse. Viewers are strongly advised not to watch the eclipse with a naked eye, as it can result in permanent damage.

A live stream of the eclipse will be hosted for those who are not in the right location to view the rare event. The annular event will start Thursday 5:30 pm. EDT on May 9.

Click HERE for the live stream.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks the sun.

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