Social media used in fulfilling the 'Great Commission' and delivering the gospel

Social media has been used for various purposes, including social networking, communication, and information dissemination.

The use of networking sites has helped people connect with family and friends wherever they are in the world as well as create networks for various business opportunities.

Because of social media's ability to penetrate almost every aspect of society, various people and organizations have used it to advance their causes.

Realizing this, Christian Vision (CV), a global Christian ministry, harnessed the power of social media to do their part in fulfilling the "Great Commission."

Last Wednesday, a social media campaign entitled #goeverywhere2015 spearheaded by yesHeis called for Christians all over the world to participate in an online "Thunderclap," to deliver the gospel everywhere.

The campaign's website says, "Imagine Christians all over the world, standing together in a single moment in time, declaring their faith. Imagine millions receiving the answer of the Gospel, transforming their lives and their worlds. Imagine you're sending that message to a friend, a family member, or to someone you know who is looking for answers. This is #goeverywhere 2015."

The campaign is currently running in the United States, gathering the support of 1,590 supporters with a social reach of 1,468,472 people. The campaign ends in the United States today, Oct. 1, at 6:30 p.m. EST or 7:30 p.m. CDT.

The campaign in Latin America currently has the biggest support, with a reported 12,256 supporters and a social media reach of 8,388,285 people. 

Indonesia, which ended last Sept. 30, gathered the support of 8,384 believers and a social reach of 11,112,065.

Taiwan has also gathered a big support from believers with 6,079 supporters reaching the social networking sites of 3,474,067.  

The campaign was set to run on three time zones, namely Midday Australian Western Standard Time (WST), Midday British Summer Time (BST), and Midday Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). It aims to get support from Christian believers all over the world using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.