Skaters Bible launches in UK

|PIC1|A new Bible for skaters and skateboarders was launched at the recent national conference of Christian Skaters UK.

The Skaters Bible comprises the New Testament and testimonies from some of the world’s top skateboarders who are committed Christians.

The second national conference of Christian Skaters UK was held at the Christian Trust-run Factory Skate Park in Dundee and brought together 35 Christians involved in skate ministry in the UK, the US, Ireland and Germany.

In the last year, Christian Skaters UK became a legal entity with its own logo. It is soon to launch its new website

This year, Christian Skaters UK are planning a three-day skate outreach at Malmesbury Abbey during the half-term holidays this month. A mobile skate park will be set up inside the abbey for three days of skating and music.

The next half yearly meeting will bring leaders in skate, BMX and inline ministry to the Renewal Christian Centre in Solihull, Birmingham, on March 31.

“Christian Skaters UK are very much looking forward to see how the ministry develops in 2009, and are praying for God to open doors for a full or part time person to be involved in Christian Skaters UK,” said Phil Williams, National Director of Christian Surfers UK, who is also involved in the running of Christian Skaters UK.

“We look forward to an ground breaking year ahead for this ministry,” he said.

On the web:
The Skaters Bible can be ordered