'Sister Wives' season 6 spoilers: Meri reveals catfishing scandal; season 7 renewed?

Facebook/Sister Wives

Fans of "The Sister Wives" have seen the show's finale episode last night, Nov. 15, in which Meri Brown talked about her experience of being "catfished."

When Meri was featured in the emotional finale episode, fans could not seem to get enough of the details that she revealed, and felt that the sister wife needs to talk more about her online affair.

International Business Times reported that Meri wasn't given enough moment to address the issue during the Nov. 8 episode, but on the finale episode, she was able to tell her family all about it.

Fans got to see the reaction of Meri's sister wives and husband Koby. In a confessional, the patriarch admitted that because of what happened, he's under the impression that Meri doesn't want to stay married to him anymore, although it's clear that she still wants to be part of the family.

It was seen that Meri revealed she may pack up her things and leave the family, but sister wife Janelle intervened. "My first reaction was, 'What? You're just going to run away?" Janelle said, according to IBTimes. Despite the catfishing issues, Meri's sister wives remained supportive of her.

Now that the sixth season recently concluded, fans have been wanting to know if the show will get another season.

There's no official news confirming if "Sister Wives" has been renewed for a seventh season, but if it does, it will likely focus more on the family's relationship following the scandal that they've faced.

Kody divorcing Meri so he could legally marry Robyn could also have lasting effects on the family, particularly on Meri. Also, if the show gets renewed, it could focus more on Meri's reaction and how she's coping with the divorce and Kody's marriage to her sister wife.

Fans will just have to wait for news confirming season 7, but WaitWithUs is positive that the show will get renewed because of its popularity.

Meanwhile, the Brown family will return with a two-hour special on Sunday, Nov. 22, at 8 p.m. EST on TLC to cover more on Meri's online affair.