Singer Brandy Shares God's Reply When She Asked Him to Change Her Life

Christian singer Brandy Norwood says she is in the best place of her life at 37 years old.(Facebook/Brandy)

Singer Brandy Norwood, known for hits such as "Have You Ever" and "The Boy Is Mine," has not felt like herself for the past 10 years. But after she cried out to God for help, He pulled her out of the darkness.

The Grammy Award-winning singer shared this piece of information during a recent interview with CentricTV. "When you've been so down and you haven't believed in yourself for 10 years, to now believe in yourself again — that's an unbelievable feeling," she said, according to The Christian Post. "I was wrestling with where I had been and where I was. I went into a very dark depressive state of being, I stopped believing in what God has given me."

Brandy has gotten so used to feeling depressed all the time that she finally got fed up with it and sought God's help to change her life. His response was truly a revelation: "You got to do the work, I can help you, but you have to help yourself."

After she heard His advice and applied it in her life, Brandy said new doors and opportunities started to open for her. "It was interesting because I've always wanted to do Broadway and then 'Chicago' presented itself," she shared.

Brandy used to have stage fright and constantly struggled with nervousness. To help prepare herself for "Chicago," she underwent a complete lifestyle change.

"I changed my mind; I changed my diet; I changed the way I moved my body. I started to get into that gym and I started to get into routine, in the spiritual practice. I felt that I was ready for it because I put in the work and the time to get myself together," she said.

Now at 37 years old, Brandy said she's in the best place of her life. "I feel like I can do anything, this right here [she motions to a good luck charm bracelet] says that God can't fail," she said. "My mission is to touch, heal and inspire — that's what I'm here to do. This is the next version of myself. I'm in the best shape of my life physically, I'm in the best shape of my life mentally, and as far as spiritually, me and God are like that," she said.

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