'Sims 4' release date latest news: Game finally out for PS4 and Xbox One by Q1 2016? [VIDEO]

"The Sims 4 Get Together" expansion[photo credits: BusinessWire]

The "Sims 4" may already be out in the market, but the only way that folks would be able to play it is via the personal computer (PC) or Mac version.

With that said, many are still awaiting when the life simulation game would be released for game consoles in the same way that its predecessor "Sims 3" came out.

If one is to follow the previous practice, "Sims 4" should have been out by now. In fact there were many who were hoping to see the successor to "Sims 3" available this Holiday season.

But so far, there has been no word on its possible debut and the best chances of "Sims 4" coming out could be by the first quarter of 2016, as hinted by Neurogadget.

While that is more of a rumor than an official release, EA Games has yet to make an official announcement on the matter for the folks who are eager to see how the developers are able to render the game console versions.

It should be worth noting that "Sims 3" had its share of problems and the latest installment for the PC and Mac initially carried such as well. Among those include the "Create a Style" feature which gave players the option of seeing how their "Sim" was doing while at work.

EA Games was, however, to remedy that with their DLC packs, together with new enhancements such as the construction system and personalities.

Hopefully, all those will be included in the PlaySation (PS4) and Xbox One versions once they become available. 

As folks await the "Sims 4" for the PS4 and Xbox One, a new expansion pack, "The Sims 4 Get Together," has recently been released. With the expansion pack, players can now introduce their Sim to different clubs using their interest, personality, and style.