She's done it! Singing nun is crowned winner of The Voice

Sister Cristina, an unlikely singing sensation who has captured hearts worldwide, has won The Voice Italy.

Her audition performance of Alicia Keys' 'No one' drew support from all four judges, who were stunned to see the young nun dressed in a full habit belting it out on stage.

The 25-year-old from the Ursuline order chose rapper J-Ax as her mentor and the two have become fast friends, with the Italian star telling a talk show that Sister Cristiana has been "one of the most wonderful and wholesome things that has ever happened in my career".

Her energetic performances, which included duets with Aussie queen Kylie Minogue and Ricky Martin, have now been viewed millions of times online. The Sister went back to her original showstopper for her final performance, with another rendition of Keys' hit song.

Upon finding out that she won the show in the live final last night, Sister Cristina immediately thanked God; reciting an 'Our Father' prayer and declaring "My presence here is not up to me, it's thanks to the man upstairs!

"I want Jesus to come in here!" she added.

According to The Telegraph, the nun – who trained at a music academy before joining the convent – later told reporters that she would be returning to her Sisterly duties, despite having won a recording contract with Universal.

"I will go back to my priorities – prayer, waking up early in the morning, school service. That's fundamental for me to be able to begin something new later on," she shared.

She also attributed her decision to join the show to Pope Francis, who has called for the Church to be close to ordinary people.

"I have a gift to give, and I am giving it to you, what can I do about that? Jesus has called upon me. It wouldn't be worth much if I kept it for myself."

Watch Sister Cristina's performance of 'Lungo la riva' from last night below: