Shark Week 2014: Everything you need to know about the 13 exciting shark shows

The summer series from Discovery Channel will return on August 10, so mark your calendars - it will be a week-long of shark action. The series is the 27th annual shark-themed production and 2014 is the best year yet.

The press release for Shark Week 2014 stated "Building upon last year's 11 shark-filled specials, a whopping 13 Shark Week shows coupled with a live talk show each night gives this year's Shark Week the most premiere hours ever featured in the event's 27-year history." So, what are these shows you need to watch out for?

There's "Shark After Dark" with Josh Wolf. It's a late night talk show which discusses everything and anything related to sharks. Shark Week fans can also join in the discussion every night. There will be a panel after each show has premiered.

There's "Sharkageddon," a program that will dive into the shark invasion in Hawaii. It's quite a mystery for many people.

There's "Lair of the Mega Shark" with Jeff Kurr and Andy Cassagrande. They'll go to New Zealand to investigate the 20-foot Great White Shark. A life or death mission, they say.

There's "Zombie Sharks," which focuses on the tonic immobility of sharks. It's a catatonic zombie-like state of sharks when they're turned over. The show also discusses how orca whales have been attacking great whites recently. Eli Martinez, a professional diver, will work with a great white shark to induce the shark's tonic immobility.

There's "Alien Shark: Return to the Abyss" with researcher Paul Clerkin. The show goes to the Indian Ocean to find new shark species.

There's Monster Hammerhead," which will follow the legendary hammerhead swimming along the Florida shoreline.

There's "Spawn of Jaws 2: The Birth" with Dr. Michael Domeier where he tries to solve the mystery behind the birthing grounds of great white sharks. He will try to tag a pregnant shark and follow her to the birthing ground.

There's "Great White Matrix" with shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder where he and Any Casagrande goes to Australia and investigate bizarre great white shark attacks.

There's "Air Jaws: Quest for Colossus" with Jeff Kurr where he and his team tracks down mega shark Colossus.

There's "Jaws Strikes Back" with Marine biologist Greg Skomal where he and his team goes to Guadalupe and watch the great whites hunt the mega seals.

There's "I Escaped Jaws 2," which is a show that features shark-survivor stories.

There's "Shark of Darkness: Submarine Returns," a program that explores the South Africa cost to look for great white sharks with the size of a submarine. The locals believe that the 30-foot shark is responsible for many attacks but it's existence has not been proven yet.

There's "Megalodon: The New Evidence," a show that will provide new evidence and interview footage about Megalodon, the shark responsible for attacking a fishing vessel in South Africa.

Shark Week 2014 is less than two months away, so make sure you mark your calendars and enjoy all the shark action headed your way.