Seventh Day Slumber praise in the hard places

Seventh Day Slumber are looking forward to the release of their new album on November 15.

The band are promising one of the most honest records in their careers with The Anthem of Angels.

Frontman Joseph Rojas says: "We've opened ourselves up more, and been more vulnerable. On this record, we pull no punches."

Opening up has been a big part of Rojas' spiritual journey, from the deep despair of a cocaine-fuelled suicide attempt, to the moment he received salvation in the back of an ambulance, to encouraging faith in others through his popular Christian band.

Rojas and Seventh Day Slumber have enjoyed chart success and a string of top ten singles since being signed to BEC Recordings.

Perhaps it's this raw journey that brings out such powerful praise that doesn't shy away from the reality of struggles and challenges.

The debut single from the album, "Love Came Down", is all about trusting God even in the middle of overwhelming circumstances, a sentiment echoed by second single, "Never Too Far Gone".

“I've struggled in my own life with feeling like I couldn't hear the voice of God clearly, especially in the middle of stressful situations,” says Rojas.

“You may not be able to hear God as clearly as you would like to at times but you should take confidence in the fact that your God is always in control!”

With such determination to praise, it's no surprise that Rojas is promising an album that fans will really be able to sing along to.

“You’ll hear catchy melodies and hooks and big riffs. From beginning to end, it’s a full rock worship experience," he says.