'Sense8' air date news, plot rumors: Leaked script teases arrival of new character next season

A promotional photo for "Sense 8"Facebook/Sense8TV

Netflix's hit series "Sense 8" has earned a renewal within the same year it was released, and since it has been more than a year since "Sense 8" was initially aired, fans are getting hyped over the imminent airing of "Sense 8" season 2.

"Sense 8" is a Netflix original science fiction drama series that was created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski. The show focuses on the story between eight individuals from different parts of the world who happen to be magically connected with each other.

Each of the "Sense 8" individuals have the capability to somewhat possess one another, therefore letting one another "borrow" each other's skills and talents.

The Netflix series has gathered plenty of fans due to its unique take on science fiction, which is why there are a huge number of people getting excited over speculations that a leaked script of "Sense 8" revealed some secrets about "Sense 8" season 2.

According to recent speculations, one redditor stumbled upon a script for "Sense 8" season 2 somewhere in Chicago, Illinois. It is said that a new character was revealed through the leaked script. Unfortunately, there are no specific details about the upcoming season's plots.

However, the leaked script did confirm the comeback of several characters in the show including Teagan (Annie Munch), Nomi (Jamie Clayton), Riley (Tuppence Middleton), and Diego (Ness Bautista).

Furthermore, speculations also suggest that fans should expect a new trailer for "Sense 8" season 2 anytime soon, especially since Clayton recently tweeted that "Sense 8" season 2 will premiere its first episode on Christmas, while the rest of the new episodes for the season will be aired in 2017.

Actress Clayton tweeted last month that the show has wrapped up filming for its second season. She posted a photo of the cast on Twitter, indicating that production is most likely already editing and putting together all the episodes for "Sense8" season 2.