Selena Gomez spotted at Judah Smith's Jesus Is tour 'crying and praying in the Spirit'

(Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision for Bright Future International/AP Images)

Selena Gomez happily blended in with worshippers at the recent LA stop of Judah Smith's 'Jesus Is' tour. 

The tour is making its way around the US offering completely free-of-charge conferences on the topic of who Jesus is.

Gomez, who has had an on-off relationship with Justin Bieber, was spotted at the Jesus Is conference at Echo Park's Angelus Temple in LA, reports.

The entertainment website quotes churchgoer Taylor Pike as saying: "A few of my friends and I walked up to the front to worship, and as I looked over I thought I saw Selena.  Turns out, it was really her!

"She smiled at us, probably because we were going crazy worshipping God.  

"She looked very happy to be there.  You don't see young celebrities at a church conference often!"

RadarOnline reports that another person at the conference, Taylor Hodge, tweeted about seeing Gomez moved to tears by the preaching: "Straight up just saw Selena Gomez crying and praying in the spirit.  Like wow, God's amazing."

Judah Smith is Justin Bieber's pastor and the two are close friends.  On Monday, Bieber tweeted his love for Jesus and Smith's words.  

"@judahsmith love you. thanks for what you said. i love Jesus," the Canadian pop star wrote. 

The Jesus Is tour is a chance for people young and old to hear what the Bible says about Jesus as the Son of God and make up their own minds about him.  

Smith talks more about what Jesus means to him here:

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