Selena Gomez news: Singer undergoes kidney transplant

REUTERS/Danny MoloshokActress and singer Selena Gomez poses at the Women In Film pre-Oscar cocktail party at Cecconi's in West Hollywood, California February 24, 2012.

Selena Gomez underwent a kidney transplant during the summer of this year. This was revealed through her social media post in order to shed light regarding what had transpired, why she had to go through the operation, and why she has not been active in her music career.

Gomez posted a very emotional message on Instagram, which expressed her immense gratitude towards one of her best friends, actress Francia Raisa. Raisa has appeared on the "Secret Life of the American Teenager and "Gown-ish." She willingly donated her own kidney to the American pop star since Gomez had been suffering from the debilitating disease Lupus, an autoimmune disease that she has had for two years prior to the surgery.

The photo showed the two friends side-by-side in their hospital beds holding hands. Gomez clarified in the caption of her Instagram post that she found out during the summer that she indeed needed a kidney transplant, if her chances of successfully battling the debilitating disease were to improve. She was busy focusing on her health in the past few months, and assured fans that she will get back on track with her music as soon as she recovers.

According to Entertainment Weekly, fans of Gomez have reached out to her on social media, expressing their love and support for the singer – after all, the surgery does not ensure that the disease will go away. Additionally, lupus affects numerous people across America at an estimated more than one and a half million. The disease is also one of the main reasons for early age cardiovascular complications, and other major organ complications.

In a report by Miami, Gomez has to be patient, since medical professionals still have to observe her closely to check if the kidney that Raisa donated will remain stable and compatible. It is possible for the kidney to be rejected by Gomez' body, and that could further complicate things for her career in the show business. It could also be possible that Gomez was silent about her condition since it can be quite a long process to obtain a kidney.

According to Daily News, multiple factors are taken into consideration before a transplant gets the go signal. Medical professionals have to assess blood type, the donor's condition and age, as well as general health. If Gomez had already posted about her surgery that took place during the summer, it could be possible that things are getting significantly better.