Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson says he always listens to gospel music before games; says marriage to wife Ciara is a 'blessing'

Russell Wilson tries to glorify God whenever he plays football.(Instagram/Ciara)

To prepare himself for a game Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has revealed that he listens to gospel music.

His choice of pre-game music might come as a surprise to some as many athletes will opt for upbeat pop or rap songs to hype themselves up before competing. But Wilson has shared that he likes to do the opposite.

In response to a question about what song he listens to right before kickoff during an interview with Complex magazine, Wilson said: "I'm Gonna Be Ready" by Yolanda Adams. That's probably my go-to song."

And it's not just his choice of genre which differentiates him from a lot of athletes. His mindset sets him apart too.

"Before a game, I'm always listening to gospel music. I'm just so grateful on game day. I don't try to be all amped up. I try to be calm as can be and just grateful that I can play the game. It's a special, special day, those days."

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback also opened up about his marriage to R&B singer Ciara.

"It's a blessing man, to find someone so special, so sweet. She's one of the best people you can ever meet, one of the best moms you can ever meet. I'm just grateful for that."

The couple married last month in Cheshire, England after dating for a little over a year. Their relationship and engagement became a topic of even greater media interest when they went public with their decision to abstain from sex until after they were married.

But, despite his fame and success, Wilson seems determined to keep his focus, at least, on the Lord. When asked how he felt about his celebrity status, he said: "I'm just grateful I get to play the game of football. I'm just grateful I get to take the God-given ability that God has given me and just spread it across to my teammates and for us to play together and try to hopefully win another Super Bowl, and that's kind of my singular focus. So I'm just grateful, man. I'm grateful that God has given me that opportunity."

This is the first time that singer Ciara, who has a two-year-old son from a previous relationship with rapper Future, has been married. It is the second marriage for 27-year-old Wilson who divorced his high-school sweetheart in 2014.

Wilson has gushed about his love for being a stepfather to the singer's son who is named Future after his father's stage name.

"Being a stepfather is one of the most loving things you can do. You know, you really, really learn how to love love. Because especially when it's not yours, you know, but you realise that every kid matters in this world. You know, every person matters, every child matters, every heart matters, every soul matters, every mind matters," he told the audience at an event for his Why Not You Foundation last month.