Scotland’s First Full-Time Christian Radio Station Launched

|TOP|Revival FM, Scotland’s first full-time Christian radio station has been launched, ending a ten-year battle for a permanent place on the airwaves.

The station broadcasts a mix of music and talk as well as programmes such as Bible studies and Sunday church services from its purpose-built £80,000 studio.

It also aims to offer a range of "family programming" including individual shows targeting children and pensioners.

Backers predicted that up to 85,000 people each month will tune in, while its online broadcasts have already attracted listeners from 80 countries.

However, the station has banned music by artists deemed to be "anti-Christian" and humour poking fun at any denomination is also considered off-limits.

It will not play "music associated with musicians or singers who have espoused anti-Christian sentiments or views" or lyrics which are contrary to biblical beliefs or ethics.

Ian Dunlop, the chairman of the non-profit station, said: "It's not 'church on the radio' or 'bible bashing'. We are not broadcasting exclusively to Christians. It's about airing Christian values. People want to hear Scottish voices in a Scottish cultural context. Churchgoers are our core audience but the rest of the community can tune in and enjoy it just the same."

|AD|Ian Arbuckle, a presenter, admitted rules banning "anti-Christian" music had caused problems when colleagues realised lyrics were "not quite right" mid-song.

He said: "We're very keen to get away from the perception that Christian music is staid and out of date.

"If you're competing with Real Radio and Radio Clyde you have to try to hook people in and a lot of stuff these days is better than what's in the charts."

Mr Dunlop added: "We tend to be fairly middle of the road. You might hear Britney Spears occasionally but you'll get hungry waiting for her."

A team of about 50 volunteers broadcasts up to 14 hours of original content live daily with the remainder pre-recorded.

The station aims to provide "24/7 access to God's word and Spirit-filled music".