School teacher changes 'God' to 'Allah' in Christian hymn to avoid offending Muslims

The altered lyrics of the Christian hymn 'God's Love is So Wonderful' is seen in this lyric sheet given to one of the students in an Austrian school.(Facebook)

The parents of 10-year-old students in Austria are furious and have complained to authorities after a teacher assigned a homework for their children where they are taught a Christian hymn but with one word in the lyrics changed from "God" to "Allah."

According to the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, the teacher at a Wels school changed the Christian song "Gottes Liebe ist so Wunderbar" or "God's Love is So Wonderful" to "Allah's Liebe ist so Wunderbar" purportedly so as not to offend Muslim children who now comprise the majority in the class.

The word "God" was replaced with "Allah" in the entire song.

An angry father complained with the regional school board about the incident, saying the teacher could not just rewrite the song.

The school inspector investigated the teacher and principal about the incident, and found out that the teacher had indeed altered the lyrics of the Christian hymn.

"In this case, the students could have received a wrong copy," the inspector said. The song has been removed by the school.

Meanwhile, a University of Vienna professor who made a study for the Austrian government's integration ministry said the government is actually cooperating with Salafist or Islamist organisation in the radicalisation of children in kindergartens, according to Breitbart and Infowars.

Ednan Aslan spoke to Der Standard about the Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood religious extremists' control of school with the apparent reluctant acceptance of regional and national politicians. He said the Austrian government should look into where foreign money for projects in Austria is coming from.

He said there are about 150 "problematic" Islamist schools in Austria.

Aslan said schools have been influenced by radical Islam without being detected by authorities by following rules set by the Austrian government while running fundamentalist education.

"They are very legalistic, attaching great importance to education and avoiding conflicts with the legislation, but internally operate a conservative, very [doctrinaire] theology... in a kindergarten the status of legislation in Islamic theology is valued higher than reason, the woman is depicted as inferior to the man," he said.