'Scandal' season 5 episode 12 spoilers: Fitz hooks up nonstop, Liz recruits David and Liv continues to suspect Jake in 'Wild Card'

A screengrab of Fitz as she lashes out on Abby in "Wild Card"YouTube/Promo Vision/ABC

Next week's episode of "Scandal" season 5 has everyone setting out a plan (both heinous and acceptable) for the future except for Fitz. The installment titled "Wild Card" sees the president getting busy with "his own interests."

Fitz has been spending a lot of time with a voluptuous reporter of late. The promo for the installment teases that he has his eyes on her still and his hands definitely all over her. In fact, it looks like they will basically hook up every chance they get and everywhere they can.

Abby is growing concerned about how the president uses up his time in and out of the office. She also thinks the press will feast about this the moment it goes out. When she tries to talk some sense into him, Fitz screams at her saying she's "totally out of line" as seen in the "Scandal" season 5 promo.

Cyrus, on the other hand, could not care less about Fitz's goings-on and Abby's concerns. After quitting as the Chief of Staff, he no longer wants anything to do with the president's mess. He has his eyes on a bigger prize – a team-up with the Government of Pennsylvania. In fact, he would use Fitz's flirting splurge to his advantage.

As the saying goes "politics makes the strangest bedfellows" and this certainly is what the "Scandal" season 5 episode is all about. Liz, who wants to get Susan's candidacy for president off the ground and eventually gain a certain level of control in the White House, sleeps with David to put her plans in motion.

While everyone who would rather pick on each other are ending up working together, Olivia's relationship with Jake continues to crack as she fuethers her investigation based on her suspicion that he will do something horrifying as the head of the NSA.

"Scandal" season 5 episode 12 "Wild Card" airs Feb. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.