Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, specs news: device rumored to be on par with Galaxy Note 6

The Samsung Galaxy S7. Although recently released, fans are already speculating on its follow-up.Samsung USA

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still enjoying its recent success, hardcore fans of the lineup are already anticipating the release of its follow-up. Given that the lineup is one of the flagships of the South Korea-based tech giant, it is said that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will feature innovations and massive improvements, on par with another anticipated flagship, the Galaxy Note 6.

Wish lists and rumored specs have already started appearing online. According to TechRadar, while Samsung has yet to come out with plans for the follow-up to the Galaxy S7, the supposed leaks on the Galaxy Note 6 may give fans an idea what to expect of the Galaxy S8. The industry follower said that one of the features that Samsung may be improving on is its camera, as the Samsung Galaxy flagships are known for their crisp and detailed images. Rumor has it that the next camera for Samsung flagships will have wider apertures to work best even in low-light conditions and may even feature 18MP to 24 MP lenses.

Given that recent flagships like the Huawei P9 and HTC 10 highlight their camera setups as main features, the next Galaxy S series follow-up may well introduce a new level of image capture options.

Meanwhile, it can also be said that the design and build for the Galaxy S8 will be slimmer, with the body having a sleeker profile. Reportedly, it is revealed that the Galaxy Note 6 will switch to USB Type-C port, with its reversible connector. Since the next Note is part of the top-tier flagship, it can be expected that Samsung will also carry over its port design to the Galaxy S8.

The other specs of the Galaxy S8 are expected to be top-notch, too. While there are no details yet on the next batch of top-tier SoCs, it can be expected that the Galaxy S8 will carry the next-gen Snapdragon and Exynos processors, given that the Galaxy S7 has two versions differentiated by their chipsets. Meanwhile, in terms of performance, the Galaxy S8 will also be on par with other flagships, with at least 4GB and at most 6GB RAM.