Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, features, rumors: Flexible displays for the Galaxy S6 and Note devices

The Samsung Galaxy S5. Will its successor have a flexible display?

The latest musing on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is that it is going to come with flexible technology akin to that sported by the Samsung Galaxy Round.  

Now, the Samsung Galaxy Round has not exactly been a sales hit for Samsung but that does not seem to have dissuaded the South Korean giant from investing further in this kind of technology for its next slate of devices. 

The assumption is that a flexible display will be integrated into the Galaxy S6 and also the Galaxy Note 5.  

That's after Samsung came out to say it was finishing the construction of its A3 factory, which will focus on producing flexible displays.  

It is expected that the plant will be in operation by around November or December.  

Samsung has said previously that it is working on "new form factor" for the next Galaxy Note device so is this what it's meaning?  

There have been unconfirmed reports that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with a three-sided YOUM flexible display, with the notification apps on the curved edges, allowing them to be seen from an angle.  

While Samsung Galaxy Round only went on a limited release, it looks like the company is pursuing the flexible display as it strives to stay competitive. 

LG has embraced the flexible display, with reports that it has landed a big order from Apple for 12 million flexible OLED display units, reportedly for its iWatch gear.  

So all the indications are that flexible displays are going to become an increasing part of the smartphone market.