Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Note 2: specs, features [LIST]: 3 colors, Galaxy Gear smart freedom companion - "Dot, Circle, Box"

For the first time, the Galaxy Note 3 will be available in 3 different colors, including jet black, classic white, and blush pink. A range of interchangeable back/flip covers will also be available in up to 10 colors, and 6 metallica colors as well. The aesthetics of the device has been completely overhauled, as it will be offered with a leather-like back cover for the first time.

Accessories have been confirmed to be designed by Moschino and Nicholas Kirkwood.

The confirmed specs for the Korean tech company's third generation phablet are as follows:

Display size: 5.7 inch full HD Amoled Screen. -168g

Processor:2.3 GH quadcore for LTE, and 1.9 Octacore for 3G version

Battery life: 3200mAh battery – 40 percent more video playback time. Nearly 4 more hours.

Camera, photos, video: 13 MP rear camera/ Front camera  1.9MP / 1080 p videos with 60 fps. Ultra high definition or 4k video as well. High CRI LED flash and smart stabilizer.

Memory: 3GB ram

Connectivity: 3G and LTE

Operating System: Android 4.3

Audio: UHQA. 24bit 192 kHz

Security: KNOX (preloaded on Note 3). Provides best in class security by operating security, privacy and safety from  hacking, malware, lost and theft.

S-Pen: All new S-Pen works seamlessly with a bigger screen and unlocks the power of all functionality of the Note 3.

Dot, circle, box.

Dot – is the dot on the screen. When you see that dot, you get air-command.

Air command has 5 convenient features rolled up in one. It can be accessed anywhere on the screen when you see the dot. Hover anywhere, make a dot, and get air command. Action memo, scrapbook, screenwriter, s-finer, or pen window.

Action memo – phone number, address, or go to old memos. Automatically identifies handwriting and the type of information that was jotted. Depending on the information, email, and call options appear.

Circle - All about capturing and organizing content in one place.

"It's like a scrapbook, and that's what we call it. If I find content it's as easy as drawing a circle. Launch a browser to a page you are interested in, and you bring up air command, then click on scrapbook, all you do is draw a circle around the content you want, then put it in a category or list.

"In the scrapbook, the webpage is saved. Even video can be put in the scrapbook. You can also go back to the source the content was found by clicking a source link."

Collects whatever you want and organizes it .

S-finder allows you to search content on your device by putting in keywords. Search results can bring up memo, chats, etc.

The new S-Note is an upgrade to Samsung's note-taking feature. Much easier to write and edit by moving objects and layers freely within the note. The content syncs to PC, tablet or other phones. Integration is seamless with Evernote.

Box: New way of multi-tasking. Improved multi-window allows users to have the same app open in two windows. Two windows open at the same time.

Pen window: let's you draw a box on the screen to call up other useful applications. You draw the window whatever size you need. Brings up quick access to apps for daily tasks.

Pen Window is great when you're doing something on the phone and you need to quickly access another application. Draw a box and the application pops up according to the size of the box.

"Dot-Circle-Box –simple and clear and all you need to remember to understand what the Note 3 can do for you," said Samsung's marketing executive David Park.

My Magazine: collects all the stuff you want to follow and presents it in a magazine format. Integrated the location-based service to find out what's going on around you. This rolls out first in the U.S. then the world.

Multivision – put two or more handsets together to get a larger screen.

Smart Freedom – "People want to use their smart device with more freedom. "

Pranav Mistry, head of research and development came on stage. "Our time is the time for crossing boundaries," he said, before introducing the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a  5.5 inch full HD Amoled Screen, 2 GB memory, 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 3100mAh battery, and 8 MP rear camera/ 1.9 MP front camera /1080 p video.