Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date, specs & features news: Phablet to boast a whopping battery capacity and larger screen display

If the latest reports are anything to go by, the public can expect big changes coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. One might expect that the South Korean tech giant's upcoming phablet would only get features that were already introduced by the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones earlier this year. However, it was tipped that the Galaxy Note 9 will boast the biggest battery capacity that no other Samsung handsets ever had. The Note 9 is also expected to go bigger in terms of display size.

YouTube/SamsungPromotional poster for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The latest scoop concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 came fron the known tech tipster Ice Universe. On Twitter, he posted the battery cell information of the upcoming device, which puts Note 9's battery capacity at 3,850mAh. If such number is not stunning enough, Ice Universe also tipped that a Galaxy Note 9 model could get a whopping 4,000mAh battery, which is the largest that a Samsung device could ever have. It is possible that the Note 9 model with 4,000mAh battery will be sold in selected markets, while the rest of the world will get the 3,850mAh model. 

Per Trusted Reviews, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not be the first handset to boast a 4,000mAh battery. Last month, Huawei unveiled the P20 Pro smartphone with the same 4,000mAh cell under the hood.

However, it is still quite early to compare the battery lives of the two devices, especially that the Note 9 has yet to see the light of day. Moreover, there are other factors that can affect a handset's battery life, including the mobile chip design.

On a separate report, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is said to have a slightly larger 6.4-inch screen display, compared to the Galaxy Note 8 that has a 6.1-inch display. If this turns out to be correct, the Galaxy Note 9 will be the largest handset yet from Samsung, although it is not certain if the increase in screen size will be due to slimmer bezels, or an over-all increase of the phone build.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be unveiled sometime in Q3 2018.