Salvation Army Concerned Over Glasgow Super-Casino Proposal

The Salvation Army is continuing its campaign against super-casinos as Glasgow supporters try to win hearts with the promise of 2,500 new jobs.

|TOP|The Salvation Army in Scotland has voiced its concerns over plans for a super-casino to open in Glasgow amid claims from supporters that the venture would create thousands of jobs.

Glasgow City Council quoted that 2,500 new jobs would be created by a super-casino in the city and attract more than half a million visitors each year during a meeting of the Casino Advisory Panel to discuss the impact of a Las Vegas style super-casino.

Council leader Steven Purcell backed Glasgow’s bid to win the licence saying it would make a “major contribution” to regeneration in the city.

"A regional casino would make a major contribution to Glasgow's ongoing social and economic regeneration and it would ensure more local people could share in the city's success."

|AD|The winning bid will be announced at the end of the year after the panel has reported to Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell.

The Salvation Army has led a campaign against super-casinos, urging Christians to lobby against the proposals to their local MPs.

In particular, The Salvation Army has warned against the dangers of gambling addiction and the risk that more casinos will present to socially vulnerable families and young people.

Major Ivor Telfer, West Scotland divisional commander, said: "The casino's very presence may contribute to the normalisation of gambling as a safe leisure activity in the minds of young people.

"This in turn could lead to an increase in the number of young but legal gamblers which could equally lead to an increase in the number of young problem gamblers."

He added: "We would urge the Casino Advisory Panel to select the local authority which demonstrates the most serious commitment to social responsibility and is proposing a venue which is likely to incur the least harm to the community."

If Glasgow is selected, the council predicts that the super-casino will attract £26m of investments and bring 600,000 visitors each year.

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