Salvation Army Thanksgiving food baskets for Boston's most needy

(Photo: The Salvation Army USA)

Salvation Army USA is gearing up for its annual distribution of Thanksgiving food baskets to needy individuals and families in the Greater Boston area.

The baskets include turkeys, stuffing and the traditional pumpkin pie - items that hard-up families struggle to afford.

Over the past two years, demand for the baskets has risen by a third from 1,200 baskets in 2011, to 1,600 in 2012, and 1,800 this year.

The baskets will be handed out on November 23 through five Salvation Army locations around Boston.

"Many individuals are struggling to provide basic necessities such as food and clothing for their families this holiday season," said Major Ivan Rock, General Secretary of the Massachusetts Salvation Army.

"For those experiencing poverty, the economy continues to be a real hardship and we've seen an increase in need – even in families where one or more adults are working."

Northern Light is hoping its donation will encourage other corporations to give and help The Salvation Army reach its $100,000 target to cover the cost of the Thanksgiving meal programme.

"The baskets are filled with good food, but the best things in there are a sense of normalcy, dignity, family, and hope," said C. David Seuss, Northern Light's CEO.

"In this case, we saw a clear cut opportunity for one-on-one charity — where we could provide the solution to one problem for at least one identifiable group of people."

In addition to financial contributions, The Salvation Army is also accepting donations of turkeys and all the traditional fixings from those wishing to assist others this Thanksgiving and holiday season. For more information, please visit