'SaGa Scarlet Grace' release date news: RPG dropping to mobile, Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC platform this year

"SaGa Scarlet Grace" arriving to mobile, PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch platform this 2018Square Enix

The recently concluded Nintendo Direct presentation dropped some major announcements about various games that are going to see a release for the Switch console. One confirmation that fans are excited about is Square Enix's former PlayStation Vita exclusive title "SaGa Scarlet Grace," which is set for a release this 2018.

The RPG game port, which will be called "SaGa Scarlet Grace: Brilliant Red Ambition," will be available on the following platforms -- Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PlayStation 4, and on PC courtesy of Steam.

This upcoming port will see the addition of various extra goodies -- new voice-overs, new music, numerous characters, and other integrations. On top of this, the game will be given content upgrades through newly incorporated in-game scenarios.

The game, which originally debuted on the PS Vita platform back in 2016, will see players choose between the four protagonists -- Urpina, Leonard, Taria, and Balmaint -- who each has a unique storyline of their own. After this, users will then set out to battle against the imminent threat in the form of FireBringer -- a former god who betrayed his companions and brought chaos into the world.

As the game progresses, players will be able to interact with as many as 70 in-game characters, whom they can recruit to be on their team in order to battle the against the incoming threat.

Inside the game, users will be able to battle against foes through a distinct 3D turn-based gameplay called Timeline.

The set release date for the game's arrival on the aforementioned platforms only caters to Japanese audience, however, reports say the game will also be dropping westward as Square Enix's past games, which were released under Steam, were localized for the western audience.

Touch Arcade also shared the same sentiments, stating that seeing as there is a release set for the PC platformer, Square Enix will likely drop a localized version of the game soon after or at the same time the Japanese version makes its debut.

If you want to know more about the popular RPG title, you can watch the trailer below.