Sadie Robertson partners with Day Spring Cards for 'Live Original' greeting cards

Sadie Robertson promotes "Live Original" greeting cards.(Sadie Robertson/Instagram)

Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson has been encouraging fans with her message to "Live Original," and this time she is doing so with a new collection of greeting cards made by Day Spring.

Her cards read "Just Be Yourself," "There's No One Else On Earth Like You," "Being Kind Makes You Feel Happy," and "Let Your Smile Change the World," and they really embody everything the young reality star stands for.

Day Spring shared on its Instagram account (@dayspringcards) a photo of Sadie's card collection and they wrote, "Your cards are lookin' good, girl!!" All of her cards feature bright and happy colours, with pictures of balloons, milkshakes, and polka dots.

Earlier, Sadie shared a "Just Be Yourself and Live Original" video where she admitted to fans that she struggles with jealousy and insecurities just like any other regular girl.

"I struggle with jealousy, and I struggle with comparing myself to other people. I struggle with worry, and I'm really hard on myself. I'm just like any other girl - I look in the mirror and I pick out a flaw," she said.

In the video, Sadie is makeup-free and she urged her fans to stop aiming for superficial goals since the only way they can feel contented in their lives is if they let God in.

"You're never going to be content with who you are unless you allow God to come in. I'm not saying that's what you have to believe, but I'm saying that's the best option I've ever found. Humans have never given me a better comfort zone than what God can give me," she said.

According to Sadie, the best way to let God in is by talking to Him, or to open the Bible and "maybe just see what God has to say about it."