Sadie Robertson and Lecrae help more than 900 students decide for Christ

Testimonies from Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson and Christian rapper Lecrae helped more than 900 unchurched students make decisions for Christ at a Georgia mission event.

RUSH Ministries – the acronym stands for Reaching Unchurched Students for Him – held the event in Meansville last weekend. The annual conference attracted up to 7,000 people who heard from teen role model Robertson and the Grammy Award-winning Lecrae.

RUSH Ministries' co-founder Marc Pritchett told the Christian Post that 925 of those present had committed their lives to Christ. He said that around 10,000 people had made decisions through its ministry, which uses concerts and Christian celebrities to "temper" young people's hearts.

"They realise not only is being a Christian fun, not only is it cool, but also, eternal hope is sandwiched within all that stuff," said Pritchett. "I think that's probably the reason why we see so many kids come to Christ rather than at a Christian festival – we reach them first, if that makes sense.

"Then we present the Gospel. They let their guard down a little bit, and when the Gospel is preached, it does what it does. No one can take credit for that except certainly Jesus. We speak that out and it goes out and is received."

Robertson and Lecrae took to social media after the event, with the rapper posting a photo of the two of them: