Sadie Robertson suffers knee, neck injuries in car accident but thanks God she's safe

'Duck Dynasty' star Sadie Robertson posted this photo of herself on her Instagram account after figuring in a car accident.(Instagram/Sadie Robertson)

"Duck Dynasty" teenage star Sadie Robertson believes that everything happens for a reason, and even if bad things happen, she is thankful that God is still working His miracles on people.

When she got into a car accident last Sept. 15, Sadie was terrified. However, the optimistic teenager still chose to look at the bright side of things.

On her Instagram account (@legitsadierob), the young reality star shared a photo of herself looking very worried with her hands on her face. She captioned the photo: "Current mood. But thankful I'm okay - got into a car accident this morning. I walked away with just a swollen knee and a sore neck. The other person is fine as well. The Lord protected me & I will praise His name for that."

Sadie's fans and followers sent her countless messages of concern, and they echoed her statements of praising God.

"PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I am so glad that you are okay," a concerned fan commented.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE what you said! I 100% agree that our Lord and Savior has sent us to be the light of the world and love our neighbors as ourselves," someone else wrote.

Just recently, Sadie and her mother Korie and sister Rebecca Lo visited Haiti as part of the Help One Now organisation to help spread God's word and do humanitarian work. "Amazing week in Haiti," she gushed.

One of the best experiences she had during the trip was forming a bond with a young boy named Moses, who even called her "Momma."

"Today this miracle boy nicknamed Moses made his way right to the center of my heart. His nickname is Moses, because he was found by a river. Abandoned. He doesn't trust many people, and doesn't let many people love him. Today, he allowed me to love him, and I earned his trust. We created a bond without speaking the same language," she said.