Russell Moore Voices Sorrow at Shooting of Terence Crutcher As Officer Charged

Terence Crutcher moments before he was tasered and then shot dead by police officer Betty Shelby.Tulsa police department

The police officer who shot and killed the unarmed black man Terence Crutcher in Oklahoma last Friday has been charged with manslaughter. 

Tulsa County's district attorney, Steve Kunzweiler, district attorney for Tulsa County, has filed a first-degree manslaughter charge against Betty Shelby, the white police officer who shot Crutcher.

Meanwhile, Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, has expressed his sorrow at the shooting.

He tweeted: "Another life lost. Another community traumatized. This situation has to change."

In a further statement given to The Christian Post , Moore added: "I'm afraid that the American people are almost becoming numb to these situations and we have here another life lost," Moore said. "Another community left traumatized. And I think many people are asking how much longer can this situation persist this way. And so, I think we've seen the country is watching the video right now it's, what can one say, except that it ought to leave us heartsick."

Shelby is the second person to be charged in Tulsa over shooting an unarmed black man.

Last year, Kunzweiler also charged a sheriff's deputy aged 73  with second-degree manslaughter for fatally shooting Eric Harris.

This week the United States has seen riots in Charlotte, North Carolina, after another black man was shot dead by police.