Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose eye WWE tag team titles?

The heel turn didn't take place as rumored, thus leaving Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose still the best of buds.

Reigns and Ambrose pulled off a spectacular win at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) SummerSlam over Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, and this sends mixed signals on the path that this running feud will take.

Apparently, it will continue for now and both duos had a scheduled rematch on RAW. The outcome would have eventually been the same until the newest member of the Wyatt family was introduced; a bearded monster named Braun Stowman.

Stowman was introduced as "Abigail's Black Sheep," appearing in a black sheep mask and laying down Reigns and Ambrose. Word about the Wyatt Family's return has been around and while many felt it was going to be Erick Rowan, it was a new face in Stowman.

To see how huge and destructive Stowman is, check out the video below on how he decimated Reigns and Ambrose.

With a trio now to deal with, it remains to be seen if Reigns and Ambrose will have a third member in the mix. Seth Rollins? Probably not since he is now hooked up with a WWE title storyline against Sting.

Moving forward, there is also belief that Reigns and Ambrose could be lined up to make a run for the WWE tag team title currently held by the New Day. The move could be a good one since the Tag Team division hasn't necessarily been giving the type of flavor that would get fans to watch tag teams in action.

With Reigns and Ambrose not lined up for any single match storylines yet, the run could make sense.

Back during their Shield days, Reigns and Rollins were tag team champions. So in all, Reigns knows how to operate with a partner and seeing how the two functioned at WWE SummerSlam, such could just work.

This may happen, of course, depending on what happens between their current storyline against the Wyatts. From the looks of it, their storyline is far from over so a run for the WWE tag team titles could happen later on this year.