Rodman rips Obama: Dennis Rodman criticizes Obama's ineffectiveness in Kenneth Bae North Korea case (video)

Kenneth Bae

Dennis Rodman has ripped Barack Obama, claiming that the U.S. president has been so ineffective at helping to free American citizen, Kenneth Bae, that he will now undertake to take action himself.

The former NBA star was criticized by some after embarking on a controversial trip to North Korea earlier this year. However, he has not allowed that criticism stop him in any way and he now plans to make another journey to the country on August 1. It is believed that he hopes to meet with leader Kim Jong-un, and will bring up the case of Bae, a devout Christian who was reportedly arrested after taking photos of starving children in the North.

Recently Bae was sentenced to 15 years hard labor, with a North Korean court claiming he had plotted to overthrow the North Korean government.

Rodman has since spoken out about the situation, saying to TMZ: "I'm gonna try and get the guy out. It's gonna be difficult."

The basketball star has become friends with the North Korean leader, with Kim known to be a big fan of the NBA.

However, Rodman has not only spoken about his own efforts to free Bae, but has put the spotlight on President Obama, saying that he has failed in the region.

"We got a black president [who] can't even go talk to [Jong-un] … Obama can't do ****, I don't know why he won't go talk to him."

Bae, who is a naturalized United States citizen originally from South Korea, was arrested on Nov. 3 in Rason in North Korea. At the time he was escorting five businessmen from China, but was taken into custody after allegedly taking photos of starving children. He was in the country helping orphans at the time, according to some reports.

He was accused of endangering national security, and has been sentenced to 15 years hard labor.

Here is a video about Dennis Rodman urging North Korea to free Kenneth Bae:

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