Robin Williams suicide: 'Please God, let him now rest in peace'

Police confirmed the cause of death.

Robin WilliamsWikimedia Creative Commons

Actor and comedian Robin Williams died by hanging himself, police confirmed Tuesday.

The devastating loss has resounded throughout the entertainment community since news of his passing spread on Monday. Many stars expressed feelings of grief and tender remembrance through press statements and social media.

Academy Award-winner Sally Field, who played Williams' estranged wife in "Mrs. Doubtfire," said in a statement that she was "stunned and so sad about Robin."

"I'm sad for the world of comedy," she added. "And so very sad for his family. And I'm sad for Robin. He always lit up when he was able to make people laugh, and he made them laugh his whole life long... tirelessly.

"He was one of a kind.

"There will not be another. Please God, let him now rest in peace."

Williams struggled for decades with severe bouts of depression and drug and alcohol problems. He spoke publicly about his trials, but his close friends said his private battles were overwhelming.

Fellow comedian Chevy Chase revealed that he too struggles with psychological illness.

"Robin and I were great friends, suffering from the same little-known disease: depression," he said in a statement.

"I never could have expected this ending to his life, and to ours with him. God bless him and God bless us all for his LIFE! I cannot believe this. I am overwhelmed with grief. What a wonderful man/boy and what a tremendous talent in the most important art of any time–comedy! I loved him."

Celebrity fans of Williams also shared feeling of sadness, and prayers for his family.

Singer Gloria Estefan tweeted, "Can't believe news about Robin Williams. I'm heartbroken! Praying for his family, loved ones, fans worldwide & peace for his soul... RIP."

"Avatar" actress Zoe Saldana sent out a message saying, "No words can express the sadness I feel for this tragic loss. My prayers are with the Williams family. RIP Robin Williams. -ZS"

Jazz artist Arturo Sandoval shared in the sorrow over Williams' untimely death.

"Robin Williams is gone? I can't believe it. God, why him? why not those ones that make us cry? people like him should live eternally. RIP RW."

"Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale wrote, "The world is a lot less funny today. Prayers with Robins loved ones. RIP."

Williams was married to Susan Schneider at the time of his passing, and had three children from prior marriages.

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