Robert Redford to play Oral Roberts in new film about Pentecostal pastor who stopped believing in hell?

Seasoned actor Robert Redford(Photo: US Embassy photographer JP Evans)

Robert Redford has been mentioned in connection with a new film about Carlton Pearson, a former Pentecostal minister who dropped the doctrine of hell.

The veteran Hollywood actor's name has surfaced in media reports about "Come Sunday", to be produced by Endgame Entertainment. 

The film is still in the early stages but it centres on Pearson's life and how he transitioned to a completely different theological position on hell and embraced the Gospel of Inclusion.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oral Roberts is among the evangelists to be portrayed in the film and will possibly be played by Redford. 

The Hollywood Reporter says Jeffrey Wright is in talks to take on the role of Pearson. 

Wright made appearances in Bond movies Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. 

In an update on his Facebook page, Pearson said the film had been "a long time in the works". 

He linked the idea for it to an interview he gave to NPR on "This American Life" several years ago "in the midst of the worst ministerial experience of my 45 years". 

He spoke warmly of Oral Roberts, though, saying he would "always be my loving father and mentor and contrary to popular opinion, he finally understood me as best he could, being nearly 90 at our last lengthy conversation". 

"He taught us to go into every man's (person's) world and preach the gospel."  

Pearson mentioned several names involved in the film, including Wright, and screenwriter Marcus Hinchey, who he said "loves the god in me, as I do in him and the Christ Consciousness prominent in our relationships" despite Hinchey being a "card carrying atheist". 

He added at the end of his post: "Amazing freedom to love without anyone's permission or religious prejudice and bigotry! Only God. LOL!"

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