Ricky Gervais: 'With praying I feel I may as well be talking to myself'

Comedian and atheist Ricky GervaisAP

As an atheist, it's probably safe to assume Ricky Gervais doesn't spend too much time conversing with God.

But perhaps that's why he had so many questions to put to 'God' – or at least @TheTweetOfGod – on Twitter on Sunday.

The comedian (@rickygervais) initiated the conversation with 'God', asking him, "What did you, as your son, get you, your own dad, for father's day?"

Christians often say God has a sense of humour and on this occasion 'God' did indeed see the funny side, telling Gervais: "As My own son, for Father's Day I bought myself a necktie. And as my own father, I thanked myself and silently felt disappointed yet again."

'God' took the conversation further by thanking Gervais "as always for the many prayers you directed My way last night, as you secretly do every night #faitheist".

Gervais was quick to correct 'God' on his misunderstanding, tweeting back: "They were to Zeus actually but you just kept listening in."

The Office creator then went on to ask 'God' what he thought of the England vs Italy result and whether he did indeed give rock n roll to the world.


When others following the conversation told them to "get a room", Gervais answered: "We tried by there isn't one. We're in a stable."

He rounded out the exchange after that by saying it was the "best conversation I've ever had with @TheTweetOfGod".

"Twitter is great. With praying I feel I may as well be talking to myself," he wrote.

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