'Respect The People': Christian MPs Give Verdict On Supreme Court's Brexit Ruling

Conservative Christian MPs have warned the government against any temptation to "thwart" the will of the British people following today's Supreme Court decision.

Leave campaigners said Parliament must move forward now and allow Article 50 to be triggered so that Britain can begin the process to leave the European Union.

ReutersThe Court ruling said that because UK law would fundamentally change by leaving the EU, Parliament must be consulted.

The Supreme Court today ruled against the government, forcing ministers to consult MPs before triggering the UK's exit from the EU.

Brexit secretary David Davis is expected to publish a simple bill to be passed by both the House of Commons and Lords before March. He will give a statement to MPs later on Tuesday.

A Downing Street spokesman has said the ruling will not change their plans to trigger Article 50 within weeks.

"The British people voted to leave the EU, and the government will deliver on their verdict - triggering Article 50 as planned - by the end of March."

After the ruling Christian MPs on both sides of the debate gave their reaction to Christian Today. 

David Burrowes, a Conservative MP for Enfield South and a Leave campaigner, said: "I fully respect the Supreme Court's decision and Parliament now needs to do what it should have done soon after the Referendum which is to authorise the triggering of Article 50."

He warned MPs against opposing the government's bill.

"While it is constitutionally right for Parliament to trigger negotiations to leave the EU it would be democratically wrong for MPs to thwart the result of the Referendum," he said.

SNP and Lib Dem MPs are expected to vote against triggering Article 50 but all 329 Conservative MPs and most Labour MPs are thought likely to ensure it passes.

Tim Farron, leader of the Lib Dems and an evangelical Christian, said the case was never about legal arguments but rather was about "giving the people a voice in what happens next".

The ardent Remain campaigner added: "The Liberal Democrats are clear, we demand a vote of the people on the final deal and without that we will not vote for Article 50."

Labour MP David Lammy, another Christian Remainer, branded Theresa May "absurd" for trying to avoid consulting parliament.

"The government alone cannot interpret what the referendum result means and where we go from here – they have to bring forward legislation that will be scrutinised and debated by Parliament."

Anticipating ministers' desire to speed a simple bill through Parliament, he added the government must not "steamroll legislation" past MPs.

"What happens next will define the future of our country for generations, there is too much at stake," he said.

The case sparked intense scrutiny after Gina Miller, an investment manager, launched the legal challenge to the government's plans not to consult parliament before triggering Article 50.

High Court judges initially ruled against the government but ministers appealed and took the case to the Supreme Court.

On Tuesday after the Supreme Court upheld the High Court's decision, Lord Chancellor Liz Truss called for respect for the decision.

"Our independent judiciary is the cornerstone of the rule of law and is vital to our constitution and our freedoms," she said after receiving intense criticism for not defending the judiciary in the face of press attacks in relation to the High Court ruling. The decision led to judges facing accusations of thwarting the referendum vote and being "enemies of the people".

She added: "The reputation of our judiciary is unrivalled the world over, and our Supreme Court justices are people of integrity and impartiality."