Residents in Oklahoma spot God in skies above landmark scheduled for demolition

Discovery came while religious film 'God's Not Dead' was playing.

Photo captured by Mandy Moehlman.WTVR/Twitter

A drive-in movie showing of "God's Not Dead" wasn't the only religious picture in the Oklahoma sky earlier this month.

One Ponca City resident was surprised to see what some are calling "the face of God" in the clouds above the movie screen.

The Airline Drive-In closed in 2007 and will soon be demolished to make room for a housing development. Christian radio station Praise FM spent thousands of dollars renovating the theater, however, so Ponca City residents could watch a film there one last time.

A free showing of religious film "God's Not Dead" was chosen as the final feature, and Mandy Moehlman took her daughter to see the movie. When she took a picture at the drive-in, something over her daughter's shoulder caught her eye.

In the clouds, illuminated by the moon, appears what resembles the face of an older, bearded man. Moehlman was pleasantly surprised when she discovered what she had captured.

"I just thought it was neat and ironic that we were at a movie called 'God's Not Dead,' and then there's a picture of God's face in the clouds," she told KFOR.

"A lot of things in this world you can't explain... I thought it was God making his appearance to say that He is not dead. He is very much alive."

Praise FM President Doyle Brewer said that with or without a face in the clouds, he knows that God is real.

"A lot of things in culture, in America, just make people doubt God," he said. "I really don't have to see an image in the clouds to know that God's alive, and that he's been there at the drive-in. We've seen it, and 8,700 people have come out."

Moehlman hopes that her photo will affect thousands more.

"He's trying to show millions of people that He's here so that maybe they'll take the steps to approach Him."

A Facebook page has been established to try to save the theater, although a developer has already bought the land. The page has received over 1,700 likes.

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