Rend Collective Experiment: 'We really live by faith'

Money is tight for the band, admits Patrick Thompson of Rend Collective Experiment, but it's just making them rely even more on God for their daily bread.

Thompson, who plays bass guitar, speaks honestly about the journey of faith the band is on in an interview with Tearfund.

"We talk about the pressures of money all the time," he says. "At the minute we are just about making enough to cover us. We really live by faith. There have been times I have gone to the ATM and went to get cash out to get something that was really necessary and not having enough. Then going home to find an envelope with a bit of money someone had anonymously left for me. It's been a real lesson in trusting in God."

For the band members, Rend Collective is a full time job and being out on the road is expensive business. Even when they are back home in Northern Ireland - the band are based mostly in Atlanta, Georgia now - they focus their time on writing new material and don't really get out as much as they would like to with friends.

Until the band are in a position where they can give financially to charity and those in need, they are trying to give generously in other ways, such as with their time.

"If I am ever in a position where I have a bit more money, and start thinking that it's my money, I know I will be in trouble," he says.

"I try to remember that it's not mine, its God's. However, at the minute, not having the money, is a great reminder that God doesn't just want our money, he wants our hearts and from there, we give."

This thinking inspired their recent visit to Kenya where they were able to see development projects. And despite the band's own financial challenges, poverty and justice are very much on Thompson's mind.

"It's been something I've been thinking loads about and something that is really vital to my faith," he says.

Thompson's inspiration is 1 John 3:16-17 which connects Christ laying down his life for the world with the mandate on His followers to provide for those in need.

He says: "I'm just doing for this person what Jesus has already done for me. The gospel is a gift and if we don't do anything in response to it, then I don't think we've got it."

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