Ravi Zacharias doing 'well' after spinal surgery

Ravi Zacharias and his wife Margie(Photo: RZIM)

Ravi Zacharias is well and resting after undergoing spinal repair surgery, says his wife Margie. 

The apologist had surgery on Thursday to remove two loose screws and repair a fractured sacrum.

Zacharias, who frequently speaks about the Christian faith all around the world, has struggled with back problems and had two surgeries in the past. He blamed his health problems on the "wear and tear of travel". 

After a recent trip to the Philippines and Sri Lanka, he said it was "a miracle I got home on my own two feet".

A subsequent CAT scan and MRI revealed that further surgery was required "immediately". 

In an update before the surgery on his Facebook, Zacharias said that the doctor had "described it as an emergency" but was "equally confident of success". 

He expects to be recovering until around the beginning of April and said he was looking forward to getting back on the road. 

"It will be some days of pain and struggle. But by God's grace and with my family, friends, and colleagues close at hand, I will make it. I ask for your prayers and your continued support," he said. 

Updating supporters following the surgery yesterday, Margie said she had been "truly overwhelmed" by the outpouring of concern, encouragement and prayers. 

"The surgery is complete and went smoothly, though it was long. I told the surgeon afterwards that he looked tired and he said, 'Ravi gave us a lot of work to do!'" she said. 

"Ravi is well and he is resting. The doctor anticipates his pain now will be from the surgery itself, and we are praying for relief and comfort as Ravi begins the recovery process.

"Thank you again for your love and your prayers. It all means so much. I know the Lord has been present in the OR today, and I pray that He will give Ravi the ability to handle what is ahead for the next several weeks."